Fender Tone Master Pro, are you ready?

Fender Tone Master Pro, are you ready?

Fender Tone Master Pro 

Tone Master Pro: “the ultimate guitar processor in terms of sound, dynamics, power and usability” offering “incredibly precise recreations of the most famous amplifiers in the world.”

The Fender Tone Master Pro features over 100 amp and effect models, with a collection of over 6,000 Fender impulse responses, captured with multiple cabinet and microphone options. Added to this is support for third-party IR.
On the front we find 10 fully configurable footswitches, capable of recalling effects, amplifiers, presets and more.

The footswitches act as rotary parameter controls and work in concert with a 7-inch color touchscreen, on which players can navigate between amps and effects, configure pedal and signal chain settings, and view the 500 slots of presets that can be created, stored and recalled.

Fender Tone Master Pro Fender has also included a 60-second stereo looper and “Song and Setlist” mode, an intuitive system for organizing and navigating presets for live musicians.
There are 4 effects loops, 2 jack inputs for expression pedals and dedicated ones for instruments and microphones.

Plus, it's fully MIDI capable, offers Bluetooth connectivity, a headphone jack for silent playing, audio interface functionality, and a host of other input/output ports and USB for firmware updates and connecting to the dedicated desktop app Tone Master Pro Control, which allows you to edit, share and download presets.

Last - and really not least - number to give is that of the "brain" of the system, decidedly equipped given the 8 processors, double those used in the Quad Cortex.

Also arriving in the Liveplayrock world, the presets for this first Fender branded innovation!

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