About Us

Liveplayrock was born in Tuscany (Italy), in one of the most beautiful and inspiring regions, center of the world for music, art and culture!

From an idea by Thomas Bottaini, the digital platform dedicated to music sites began to take shape in 2016, initially in the form of a blog and then becoming an international ecommerce that supports and inspires the work of thousands of musicians around the world.

Our goal? Inspire you! Creating presets, profiling, lessons and many services for musicians allows us to share our passion for music first and foremost. Marco Sfogli, Fabrizio Bicio Leo, Edoardo Scordo, are just some of the great musicians who have collaborated with Liveplayrock. Happy to have inspired many artists around the world, such as Tramaine (Jam Track Central Ltd artist) and many others!

From Tuscany, wherever you are in the world, we are ready to accompany you on your journey towards music!

Hi I'm Thomas, welcome to Liveplayrock!