Fabrizio Bicio Leo M-Zero amp Kemper Amp profiles

Fabrizio Bicio Leo M-Zero amp Kemper Amp profiles

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M-Zero Mezzabarba® amp pack “Kemper Amp profiles” signature by Fabrizio Bicio Leo
Guitar profiling tones created by Fabrizio Bicio Leo exclusively for Liveplayrock 

Signature Kemper amp profiling made by Fabrizio Bicio Leo 

Fabrizio Bicio Leo played his guitar for Renato Zero Biagio AntonacciRon , Eros Ramazzotti Fiorella Mannoia, and many others artists! 

The complete profiling and tones pack that Fabrizio Bicio Leo used in in studio and live gigs.


  • Tot. 60 signature Kemper rigs by Fabrizio Leo
  • 44 kemper rigs M-Zero Mezzabarba profiling amp by Bicio Leo
  • Amp: M-Zero Mezzabarba® profiling amp by Bicio Leo
  • Cabinet 412 M-Zero
  • 16 rigs from others amps (Fender, Vox, Friedman)
  • Bicio signature clean tones
  • Bicio signature crunch tones
  • Bicio signature soft solo tones
  • Bicio signature main solo tones
  • From clean to crunch and main solo tones!
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
  • Original Kemper rigs and profiling made by Bicio Leo 

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