POD Go 2.0 new Grammatico GSG100 amplifier

POD Go 2.0 new Grammatico GSG100 amplifier

POD Go 2.0 (released November 7, 2023) includes an all new Cab engine including 33 new cabs, 6 new amps, 7 new effects, improvements, and bug fixes and is recommended for all users of POD Go and POD Go Wireless. 

How do I update to 2.0?

  1. Connect POD Go/POD Go Wireless to your computer and launch POD Go Edit. The software will walk you through the entire procedure, including backing everything up to your computer, updating POD Go Edit, and updating the firmware.


New amplifier modeler:

"The Grammatico GSG100 is an amp based on the study of legendary amps made around 1980. This model aims to capture all the unique details of this amplifier circuit, many of which are quite different than popular guitar amps from the major companies. The GSG100 is a feature-rich and complicated amp. There are many amazing sounds in the amp; however, the controls allow for such a wide range of adjustment that it's possible to get unpleasant sounds from it as well. To best use the amp, it really helps to know exactly what each of these features is doing to the guitar signal. 


Discover new amp Grammatico Liveplayrock presets here: Grammatico GSG100 amp presets  


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