Grammatico Pod Go presets

Grammatico Pod Go presets

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Grammatico GSG100 | POD GO | Liveplayrock guitar tones
“in the style of”  The Grammatico GSG100 amplifier 

New amp modeler on POD Go 2.0 firmware


  • Tot. 07 presets + 1 Liveplayrock Impulses IR
  • in the style of Dumble Grammatico GSG100
  • GRAMMA 01 clean
  • GRAMMA 02 crunchy strato style
  • GRAMMA 03 solo lead rock ( import impulse Liveplayrock V30)
  • GRAMMA 04 pop clean
  • GRAMMA 05 slapback country style
  • GRAMMA 06 fuzz rock  (import impulse Liveplayrock V30)
  • GRAMMA 07 crunch delay 
  • 1 Liveplayrock Impulses (Vintage 30)
  • High Definition custom guitar presets by Liveplayrock
  • POD Go 2.0 firmware
  • Info PDF presets and general infos,
  • Pack compatible with all POD GO device
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!

The Grammatico GSG100 is an amp based on the study of legendary amps made around 1980. This model aims to capture all the unique details of this amplifier circuit, many of which are quite different than popular guitar amps from the major companies. The GSG100 is a feature-rich and complicated amp. There are many amazing sounds in the amp; however, the controls allow for such a wide range of adjustment that it's possible to get unpleasant sounds from it as well. 

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