80s Rock bands Kemper Amps bundle

80s Rock bands Kemper Amps bundle

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80s Rock bands bundle |  Kemper amps Liveplayrock tones
Top 10 rock bands from 80s! 


  • Tot: 10 kemper amp artist packages
  • in the style of:
  • TNT band Tot. 27 kemper rigs 
  • Firehouse band Tot 26 kemper rigs 
  • Whitesnake band Tot. 29 kemper rigs:
  • Def Leppard band Tot. 61 kemper rigs
  • Bon Jovi band Tot.15 kemper rigs
  • Motley Crue band Tot. 60 kemper rigs
  • Europe band Tot. 12 kemper rigs
  • Poison band Tot 36 kemper rigs
  • Winger band Tot 22 kemper rigs
  • H.E.A.T band Tot. 15 kemper amp rigs
  • Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices:
    Kemper amp rack – head – stage
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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