Airbourne Kemper Amp profiles

Airbourne Kemper Amp profiles

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Airbourne Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack

“in the style of” Airbourne 

Info kemper rigs:

  • Tot: 18 kemper rigs
  • Signature guitar tones:
  • Too much too young too fast “tones like”,
  • Live it up “tones like”,
  • Runnin’ wild “tones like”,
  • Its all for rock n roll “tones like”,
  • back in the game “tones like”,
  • 3 general tones: (crunch rhythm + 1 lead),
  • born for humb pu style guitars such as Gibson or similar.
  • tones ready to play in a band mix!

Pure essence of rock: guitar + Marshall amp + rock hand!

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