Ambient Kemper Amp profiles

Ambient Kemper Amp profiles

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Ambient Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack
Alessandro Zilio signature tones 
Awesome ambient tones for modern player!

In the Kemper pack you’ll find a selection of 10 ambient profiles from clean to pushed cleans – mid gain tones.
These tones are a must have in your library if you’re going for those spacey, dreamy sounds to enrich your compositions, you can stack up layers of these and never go wrong.
The amps used are a Mark V for big and rich clean sounds, and a Friedman for very dynamic break up tones.
The choice of these two amps resulted in a very balanced and responsive collection of sounds, perfect for the modern ambient tones that we see getting a lot of use these days.



  • AMB – Soft
  • AMB – Infinity
  • AMB – Pad
  • AMB – Single Notes
  • AMB – Break up
  • AMB – Break up Pad
  • AMB – Break up Soft
  • AMB – Drone
  • AMB – Chorus
  • AMB – Tremolo
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