Basic Scenes Headrush patches

Basic Scenes Headrush patches

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Basic Scenes | HEADRUSH | Liveplayrock Guitar tones pack
Special tones  

Pack compatible with HeadRush Prime – Pedalboard – Gigboard – Core - MX5


  • Tot. 4 rigs (3 scenes each) + 3 Liveplayrock IRs
  • Liveplayrock Custom tones:
  • Each Rig has 3 scenes
  • BOGN LPR – Main crunch
    SCENE 1 crunch basic
    SCENE 2 soft solo (amazing for single coil or mini humb neck position)
    SCENE 3 basic rock solo (perfect for humb or single coil neck or bridge position)
  • AMBI LPR – Ambient clean
    SCENE 1 Basic stereo clean ambient (perfect for single coil – Stratocaster position 2)
    SCENE 2 add tremolo stereo pan
    SCENE 3 light drive ambient stereo 
  • LEADER LPR – main solo
    SCENE 1 basic solo (best for bridge or neck position)
    SCENE 2 add detune and compression sustainer
    SCENE 3 more drive and stereo boost 
  • FUNK LPR – Dirt funky filter
    SCENE 1 basic filter touch (best for single coil neck position)
    SCENE 2 add stereo flanger 
    SCENE 3 more lead solo filter rhythm
  • 3 custom Liveplayrock IRs (Vintage30)
  • Pack compatible with Headrush Pedalboard – Gigboard – MX5
  • Info PDF presets and general infos
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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