Brit 1960A 412 T-75 cabinet Impulse response

Brit 1960A 412 T-75 cabinet Impulse response

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Impulse response made with a Marshall® 1960A 4×12 cab with Celestion® G12T-75 speakers


  • Tot. 10 impulse responses files
  • Cab: Marshall® 1960A 4×12
  • Speaker: Celestion® G12T-75
  • Mics: Royer® R-122

    Neumann® U87
    Electro-Voice® RE20
    Shure® SM57
    AKG® C414 B-TL II
    Beyerdynamic® M88
    Beyerdynamic® M160

  • PDF info point (on axis/off axis and mics)
  • File Formats .wav
  • Sample rates: 44.1 kHz
  • Bit Depth: 24bit
  • Captured with neutral power amp
  • Preamp mic: Focusrite®


This Cabinet impulses Pack is compatible with all modelers and IR loaders that support .wav format IR's like:

  • Kemper™ Amp (Stage, Head, Player, Rack etc…)
  • HeadRush™ (Prime, Core, Pedalboard, Gigboard, MX5 etc…)
  • Line 6™ Helix HX Stomp
  • Line 6™ Pod Go
  • Fractal Audio™ Axe-Fx III, II, FM3, FM9,and AX8
  • Hotone™ Ampero and Ampero One
  • Hotone™ Ampero II Stomp and Stage
  • ToneX™ software, stomp and AT5
  • Mooer™ GE1000 GE300 GE250 GE200 etc…
  • Nux MG30 MG400 MG300 Trident etc…
  • Valeton™ 200 GP  etc…
  • Zoom™ devices
  • Flamma™ FX 100 150 200 etc…
  • Positive Grid™ BIAS
  • Two Notes™ Torpedo Live/Reload/Studio
  • Yamaha™ THR100HD/THR100H
  • Boss™ GT-1000 etc…
  • Etc….
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