Cali Rectifire Helix HX Stomp presets

Cali Rectifire Helix HX Stomp presets

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Cali Rectifire | HELIX HX STOMP Line 6 | Ultimate Liveplayrock tones 

“in the style of” Dual Rectifier head amp

Weeks of listening to the sound of a real Dual Rectifier, its 3 channels. Of course, the nuances of this splendid amplifier are endless. With the modeler “Cali Rectifire” we tried to reproduce the main sounds of the channels and we added ready-to-use sounds to always be ready to play in contexts such as bands or studios!


  • Tot. 16 Guitar presets + 4 IRs 
  • Sound that wants to emulate Mesa Boogie amplifier Dual Rectifier
  • channel 01 (clean tone),
  • channel 01 pushed,
  • channel 02,
  • channel 03,
  • Guitar tones ready to play!
  • 4 IRs inside (2 Black Shadow + 2 Vintage 30 speakers)
  • Info PDF presets and general infos
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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