Legacy Vai 3 amp Kemper Amp profiles

Legacy Vai 3 amp Kemper Amp profiles

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Legacy Vai 3 Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack

“in the style of” Carvin® Legacy Vai 3 amplifier


  • Tot. 28 kemper rigs from kemper profiling Carvin® Legacy Vai 3 amp,
  • 2 IRs (impulse responsive) Celestion™ Vintage 30 Speaker, closeback (from a 412 Legacy® cab) format .wav
  • Each Impulse Response has been made at sample rate 44.1 kHz
  • Special signature kemper rig “Lgcy 1” in the style of “For the love of God“,
  • channel 1 clean (7 kemper rigs),
  • channel 2 overdrive-crunch (9 kemper rigs),
  • channel 3 overdrive-distortion (12 kemper rigs),
  • All info in Rig Manager editor tag.
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