Custom Eminence Legendary Impulse Response

Custom Eminence Legendary Impulse Response

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Custom Eminence Legendary Fabrizio Bicio Leo IR pack signature 

Very present mids without being intrusive, clean sounds sound fantastic and in overdrive mode, it keeps its definition!
Usually combined with British stamp amplifiers.


  • Speaker Custom Eminence Legendary 
  • Cab: 412
  • Mics: Sennheiser E906 + Shure Beta 57A
  • Tot: 22 IRs
  • Each Impulse Response has been made available at sample rate 48kHz
  • All the IRs were recorded and produced by Fabrizio Bicio Leo in his recording studio.

The impulse response pack is compatible for digital pedalboard or outboard which allow the loading of third party IRs such as: 
Kemper Amp,
Line 6 (Helix, Hx stomp, PodGo, Hx Effect, etc…),
HeadRush (Pedalboard, Gigboard, Prime, Core, Mx5 etc…), 
Mooer (GE 300 250 200 150 etc…), 
Fractal Audio System (Axe Fx III, FM3, FM 9 etc….),
Two Notes,  
any software and hardware that can import external IRs etc….

All the IRs were recorded and produced by Fabrizio Bicio Leo in his recording studio. Many thanks to musicians and collaborators for contributing to the realization of the various IR packages!

Impulse Responses “IRs Packs” are professionally recorded guitar speakers made digital. Impulse Responses are provided in .wav format 

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