Def Leppard Kemper Amp profiles

Def Leppard Kemper Amp profiles

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Def Leppard | Kemper Amp Liveplayrock guitar tones pack 
“in the style of” 

Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices:
Kemper amp rack – head – stage.


  • tot: 61 kemper rigs
  • signature songs of the historic guitar tones
  • Hysteria
  • Pour some sugar on me
  • Photograph
  • Animal
  • Love bite
  • Stagefright
  • High n dry album guitar sounds And much more kemper rigs from Rockman X100 pack (complete), Marshall Jcm800 and Marshall Jmp1 rack..
  • Extra kemper rigs: Marshall Jcm800 and Marshall jmp 1 rack new profile!
  • Profiles were created, tested and played with Musicman Axis (Humb pickups)
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