Fabrizio Bicio Leo 1 Kemper Amp profiles

Fabrizio Bicio Leo 1 Kemper Amp profiles

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Fabrizio Bicio Leo “Official Signature Tones” pack 1
Exclusive Kemper Amp pack for Liveplayrock 


  • Tot. 10 kemper rigs signature made by Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo
  • E penso a te”
  • “Mr.Malusardi” 
  • “Liquid”
  • “The Sabrina clack glasses” clean
  • “Bicio” clean
  • “Bicio” power crunch
  • “Bicio” power metal
  • “Bicio” solo soft
  • Pack compatible with all Kemper amp devices:
    Kemper amp rack – head – stage
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
  • Made by Bicio 
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