Foo Fighters Kemper Amp profiles

Foo Fighters Kemper Amp profiles

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Foo Fighters | Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar presets pack

“in the style of” Foo Fighters

Info point:

  • tot: 53 custom kemper rigs 
  • Signature songs:
  • Best of you
  • All my life
  • Learn to fly
  • The pretender
  • Everlong
  • Time like these
  • Walk
  • Rope
  • Make it right
  • 3 studio and live amps used by Dave and Chris
  • Mesa® Boogie Dual Rect amps profiling (new profiling)
  • Mesa® Boogie Dual Road King amps profiling (new profiling)
  • Vox® AC30 amps profiling (new profiling)
  • We also add IRs in order to let you try other combinations in addition to the basic ones that you will find ready to use!
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