The Basic Tones Fractal FM3 FM9 Axe-Fx III presets

The Basic Tones Fractal FM3 FM9 Axe-Fx III presets

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The Basic Tones | Fractal Audio System | FM3 FM9 and Axe-Fx III Liveplayrock guitar tones

Tones from clean to crunch to fat lead!


  • 1 Preset with 7 scenes:
  • Scene 1 CLEAN very dynamic sound, with a pop and rock feeling (depending on your touch and your pickups it can sound slightly dirtier)
  • Scene 2 CL+ (a boosted clean with more ambient feeling)
  • Scene 3 DLY play rhythmically with the delay
  • Scene 4 CRUNCH classic crunch tone
  • Scene 5 CH+ crunch in British style, more ambient feeling
  • Scene 6 CL BOOST dirty clean
  • Scene 7 DIST rock hard rock feeling – power!
  • Scene 8 SOLO a beautiful full solo tone!
  • IRs: Include 2 Bicio Leo signature cabs Impulses IR
  • Hi-quality tones
  • Guitar tones ready to play
  • Compatibile with Fractal Audio System FM3 FM9 and Axe-Fx III
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
  • Make sure your device and firmware is compatible.
  • Thank you: Alessio!

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