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HK Tube Meister ToneX presets

HK Tube Meister ToneX presets

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HK Tube Meister amp collection | TONEX IK Multimedia | Liveplayrock amp capture presets guitar tones 

in the style of Hughes & Kettner Tube Meister 18w 

ToneX stomp, plugin and software
Pack compatible with ToneX MAX license



  • Tot. 14 ToneX presets + 2 custom Liveplayrock impulses
  • We captured all 3 channels of the amp :
  • Clean channel
  • Lead channel
  • Lead boost+
  • We used multiple mics and impulses:
  • Marsh 1960AV 4×12 – MeB Rect 2×12 – Engl E412
  • mic1: Royer™ R121
  • mic2: Beyerdynamic™ M160N
  • mic3: Neumann™ U87
  • Outboard: Custom Gyraf G9
  • include also Liveplayrock custom impulses (T75, Blue Alnico)
  • Info presets and general infos inside the preset in your editor
  • Import via editor ToneX
  • Pack compatible with ToneX MAX license
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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