John Petrucci Quad Cortex Neural DSP presets

John Petrucci Quad Cortex Neural DSP presets

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John Petrucci style guitar preset | QUAD CORTEX Neural DSP | Liveplayrock guitar tones 


Scena C solo another day
Scena A Pull Me Under Clean arpeggio
Scena E the killing hand riff
Scena D Another Day Clean intro
Scena G Repentance solo
Scena F Constant Motion
Scena B Constant Motion Power
Scena H Lead + Wah


QC currently allows you to share presets exclusively via the Cortex Cloud. (it is not yet possible to physically download the preset).
For this reason, after purchasing the pack, you will receive a simple PDF file to download, with a step-by-step guide on how to receive it conveniently on your Cloud Cortex.

1-Buy the digital pack
2-Write us your QC account name on QC Cloud in order to reach you.
3-Follow us "LiveplayrockQC" on QC Cloud.

We have to manually share presets to your Cortex Cloud account. 

So, please be patient (we will do our best to share it as soon as possibile 24/48h) 

Thank you

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