Marco Sfogli Kemper Player profiles

Marco Sfogli Kemper Player profiles

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Marco Sfogli | Kemper Profiler Player | signature tones
Guitar tones created by Marco Sfogli exclusively for Liveplayrock.
Perfect for rock and metal tones.
In addition to the guitar tones signature of the most famous solo songs, you will also find inside the profiling of Marco Sfogli’s amplifiers used over the years.

Liveplayrock proudly presents the Kemper guitar rigs pack created by Marco Sfogli exclusively for Liveplayrock.

Pack optimized for Kemper Player device.

Inside you will find 20 Marco Sfogli’s kemper rigs used to play his greatest hits.


  • Tot. 20 Kemper rigs signature rigs made by Marco Sfogli
  • Signature tones:
  • “Still hurts”,
  • “Andromeda”,
  • “The 12th hour”
  • Marco Sfogli original amplifiers profiled:
  • Mesa® Boogie Dual Rectifier,
  • Mesa® Boogie Triaxis preamp,
  • Mesa® Boogie Studio preamp,
  • Victory® The Kraken,
  • Zoom® 9002.
  • Pack optimized for Kemper Player.
  • Info available only in the video demo made by Marco Sfogli
  • It is recommended to use the RM editor to import files.
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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