Mark V amp Kemper Amp profiles

Mark V amp Kemper Amp profiles

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Mark V amp Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack

in the style of Mesa Boogie Mark V Amp profiling

 Info point:

Tot 26 kemper rigs:

  • 18 kemper rigs designed for Humbucker pu
  • 8 kemper rigs designed for Single Coil pu
  • Amp profiling: Mark V amp
  • Cabinet: Mesa Recto 2×12
  • Mic: SM57 (center and offset)
  • Guitar and pick up: Musicaman Axis (humb pickup DiMarzio) Fender Stratocaster (single coil Texas and DiMarzio) 

    Tones: clean – crunch – distortion – lead – effect

    More info setting in “comment” section (Rig manager software)

 – Guitar tones ready for studio or live band situation,
– Ready to use effects included!

Kemper rigs used in video demo online:
07 rec
11 efx

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