Marsh DSL Jcm 2000 ToneX presets

Marsh DSL Jcm 2000 ToneX presets

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Marsh DSL Jcm 2000 | TONEX IK Multimedia | Liveplayrock amp capture guitar presets

Pack compatible with ToneX stomp, plugin, software and AT5 AmpliTube5 with ToneX Max

Amp captures: Marshall™ Jcm 2000 DSL 100w amplifier  


  • Tot. 45 ToneX presets + custom Liveplayrock cabinet/impusles
  • Amp captures: Marshall™ Jcm 2000 DSL 100w amplifier
  • This pack offers extremely accurate presets and include the captures of the 4 amplifier channels:
  • Clean channel A
  • Crunch channel A
  • Lead 1 channel B
  • Lead 2 channel B
  • Contains various presets with different cabinets and microphones.
  • We used cabinet like:
  • Marshall 1960A 412 cab   with T-75 speaker
  • Soldano 212 cab   with Eminence speaker
  • Engl 412 XXL cab with Greenback speaker
  • MeBoog Rect Standard 4×12  cab with V30 speaker
  • MeBoog Rect 2×12  cab with V30 speaker
  • Bogner 412ST cab with V30 speaker
  • Meazzi 2×6  cab
  • We used mics like:
  • mic: Beyerdynamic M69
  • mic: Beyerdynamic® M160
  • mic: Heil Sound PR40
  • mic: Milab Vip-50
  • mic: Sennheiser® MD421
  • mic: Shure® SM57
  • Outboard: Custom Gyraf G9
  • Info presets and general infos inside the preset in your ToneX editor
  • Import via editor ToneX
  • Pack compatible with ToneX stomp, plugin, software and AT5 AmpliTube5 with ToneX max license
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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