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Naoto ToneX stomp captures

Naoto ToneX stomp captures

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Naoto distortion | TONEX IK Multimedia | Liveplayrock stomp captures presets 

This ToneX pack was captured from our Naoto by Colombo AE stomp in multiple gain stages to give you the full experience of this overdrive stomp.

ToneX stomp, plugin, software
and AT5 AmpliTube 5 with ToneX Max



  • Tot. 5 ToneX stomp captures
  • Legend: V volume T tone G gain



  • Preset:

    NAOTO V5-T5-G5 Liveplayrock


    NAOTO V5-T5-G10 Liveplayrock


    NAOTO V5-T6-G3 Liveplayrock


    NAOTO V6-T3-G8 Liveplayrock


    NAOTO V6-T8-G8 Liveplayrock

  • We captured the stomp in multiple gain stages and settings in the most desired positions and set the volumes accordingly to “hit” your amp the way its supposed to!

  • Info presets and general infos inside the preset in your editor
  • Import via editor ToneX
  • Pack compatible with ToneX MAX license (AT5 AmpliTube 5 with ToneX Max)
  • They are just captures of the drive stomp itself so that you get the truest representation of that pedal and can use this preset as your drive section.
    They aren’t amp captures and are not intended to be run as your amp at the end of your chain.

  • These captures are meant to act as your actual drive pedals as there is no cab or impulse “IR” within these captures. These captures are not the drive pedal with an amplifier either. These stomp captures are just drive pedals!

  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online
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