Nirvana Kemper Amp profiles

Nirvana Kemper Amp profiles

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NirvanaKemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack

“in the style of” 


  • Tot: 28 kemper rigs + 2 IRs
  • Signature songs “sounds like”:
  • Smells like teen spirit
  • In bloom
  • All apologies
  • Come as you are
  • Lithium
  • Heart shaped box
  • Some songs, like Lithium, come as you are and all apologies have different tunings. In the pack you will find the sounds to play the songs with a standard guitar or with a guitar already tuned in the key of the song!
  • We also add 2 IRs in order to let you try other combinations in addition to the basic ones that you will find ready to use!
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