Screamer 50 Kemper Amp profiles

Screamer 50 Kemper Amp profiles

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Screamer 50 amplifier | Kemper Amp | Liveplayrock guitar tones pack

Profiling a Engl “Screamer 50” amplifier 
Sounds very strong, rock, and to be played with a rock star mood to give your best!


  • Tot. 44 kemper rigs + 4 IRs
  • clean tones
  • crunch/rhythm tones (yellow channel)  
  • distortion/lead tones (red channel)
  • boosted tones (red + yellow channels) 
  • 7 simple amp profiling channels
  • 11 special signature Liveplayrock tones from the last video demo
  • 4 IRs (2 V30 + 2 Black Shadow)
  • include 26 kemper rigs profiling from “Screaming song pack” video
  • Kemper rigs were used in the video “Screaming Song”: arp X – cln – rtm X – rtm L – rtm R – dist+1
  • Pdf with all info about presets
  • Perfect sounds to use for rock and hard rock style recordings (even with nastier or sweeter tendencies, it takes very little to change character).
  • Whoever owns this amplifier knows what we are talking about! 
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