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ACDC ToneX presets

ACDC ToneX presets

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ACDC | ToneX IK Multimedia | Liveplayrock guitar tones style  
in the style of Angus Young 

ToneX stomp, plugin and software
Pack compatible with ToneX (Max license) 



  • Tot. 10 ToneX presets + 6 custom Liveplayrock impulses
  • in the style of
  • You shook me all night long
  • Highway to hell
  • Thunderstruck
  • Back in black
  • Shoot to thrill
  • Hells bells
  • Rock n roll train
  • Tnt
  • Guitar solo (classic general rocking solo)
  • Guitar solo+ (classic general rocking solo pushed at the max)
  • include 6 Liveplayrock custom impulses (T75, Vintage 30, G12H, Blue Alnico…)
  • Info presets and general infos inside the preset in your editor
  • using IK amp capture (TONEX MAX version)
    using Liveplayrock custom Impulse responses cab
  • Remember that with ToneX you will have the “base tone”
    (various effects such as chorus, delay etc are not present in the presets)
  • Import via editor ToneX
  • Pack compatible with ToneX MAX license
  • Always keep your device updated to the latest version available online!
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